Minutes: Annual Meeting, 2013

Taylorstown Community Association Annual Meeting
April 14, 2013

TCA President Lauranne Oliveau called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm.

Treasurer’s Report submitted by Liz Weber (attached).

Keynote Speaker

David Whitmer addressed the meeting about activities of the Taylorstown History Club. Current projects include developing a website, compiling audio recordings of oral histories, interviews with long-times Taylorstown residents, and converting to digital format, creating a bibliography from a large variety of source material, and preparing documents from the grassroots resistance movement to the proposed Army Corps of Engineers dam to be housed at the Balch Library. This history may be useful to others facing similar eminent domain threats. The History Club meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

David continued his talk during the election while ballots were being counted, presenting information about the native people of the Taylorstown area and the history of electrification.

Election of 2013-2014 Board of Directors

Attendees were given an overview of the election process by Lauranne Oliveau. Only TCA members in good standing would be eligible to vote. The election was to be conducted in two stages; first the candidates nominated for officer positions would have up to one minute to introduce themselves, followed by a break for members to cast their ballots and for those ballots to be counted. Once the results of the officer election were announced, a second ballot would be distributed for At-Large Board member positions. This two-step process was chosen so that a nominee not elected to an officer position could still be eligible for election to the Board.

Election of Officers

The two candidates for President spoke.

David Nelson (incumbant Board member) said that he was running because he felt that the community should have a choice, and that a contested race creates more excitement. He felt that the current Board has done a great job and that all deserve to be reelected. He would like to increase outreach and communication with members.

Lauranne Oliveau (incumbant President) said that she has served on the Board for several years prior to being President, including as Secretary. Her reason for continuing her service is commitment to community and a conviction that rich social networks are more resilient. She would like to get more people involved with the TCA.

The Vice-President and Secretary candidates were the incumbents and were unopposed.

Vice-President Anne Larson has served on the TCA Board for many years, including as President. It was her lack of secretarial skills that led to her running for President and her current position.

Secretary David Weintraub can type and is capable of taking notes, and is willing to continue doing so. He also maintains the TCA email announcement list.

Treasurer Liz Weber is currently serving the second year of a two year term.

Lauranne then opened the floor to additional nominations.

David Nelson nominated Kathy Wilt for Vice-President, saying that she has lived in Taylorstown her entire life and is an important part of the community, and that she would bring excellent skills and capabilities to the position.

Tara Linhardt spoke on behalf of Anne Larson for Vice-President, saying that she has gone out of her way for years to serve the community. She has organized Stream Day in support of Catoctin Creek, and done much to foster the community getting along and meeting each other.

Patrick Ryan spoke on behalf of Lauranne Oliveau for President, which has traditionally been a two-year term. He would like to see Lauranne serve for another year, and nominated David Nelson to serve as Vice-President.

Ruth Cheronis spoke on behalf of Kathy Wilt for Vice-President, saying she has lived here all her life and has been helpful to many people; she started the drive to raise money for Lindsay boy who lost his eye and took the lead in finding ways to help the survivors of the fire in Lovettsville.

Lauranne Oliveau called for the vote, saying that the election process had not been intended to include speeches from the floor in favor of candidates, only to take additional nominations.

Results of Election of Officers

President: Lauranne Oliveau
Vice-President: Anne Larson
Secretary: David Weintraub

The foregoing officers were elected to serve a one year term. All four officers will be up for election next year.

Election of At-large Members

Candidates for At-Large positions addressed the attendees.

David Nelson has been board member for the past year. He would like to facilitate better communication and make it easier for all residents to make contributions.

Tara Linhardt is currently a board member. Her interest is in helping neighbors get to know each other and generate positive feelings in the community.

Joan Linhardt is currently a board member. She has lived in Taylorstown since 1974, has skills to offer, is relatively friendly, and can be of use.

Ruth Cheronis is currently a board member. She has lived here most of her life. She is interested in maintaining a quality of life in which residents can raise pigs or have a clothesline without government interference.

Kathy Wilt (not present; David Nelson spoke on her behalf) is currently a board member. She is very involved in the community, and helps many people. She is a strong advocate for Taylorstown.

Bruce Johnson is retired and has become involved in issues affecting our area like the Scenic River Advisory Commission. He wants to build on and extend what has been done so far with the TCA.

Judy Ross (not present; Joan Linhardt spoke on her behalf) lives in the heart of Taylorstown and has valuable organizational skills to offer the board.

The process adopted by the board for this portion of the election was presented, and the floor was opened for additional nominations. Phil Ehrenkrantz objected to the requirement to vote for no less than eight candidates (including the three just elected officers), saying that this would force people to vote for individuals they may not support or know enough about. The rationale for this rule (that undervoting could unfairly weight some individuals’ votes at the expense of others’) was discussed. Following discussion, Phil moved to eliminate the rule and count every ballot regardless of the number of candidates selected. The motion carried.

Elizabeth Call suggested that the three At-Large candidates who receive the highest total vote counts be elected to a two-year term, with the remainder elected to a one-year term in order to formalize the process for staggered terms. Elizabeth moved that the body adopt this procedure. The motion carried.

Patrick Ryan addressed the meeting asking that people not vote for him. He intends to remain equally active in the TCA whether or not he continues to serve on the board, and wants to give someone else the opportunity to serve.

While the second ballots were being counted, community members presented reports on projects.

Keep Loudoun Beautiful – Tami Carlow

This is the ninth year for KLB. There are still a few sections of road to clean, but many people have volunteered, and taking even a small section helps. The area Taylorstown is responsible for comprises about 30 miles of roads, and last year approximately 85 bags were collected by about 30 volunteers.

Scenic River Advisory Committee – Bruce Johnson

This is an all-volunteer effort by neighbors under the Dept. of Conservation and Recreation, tasked with keeping an eye on a specific section of the Catoctin Creek in terms of inappropriate development or other activity that would harm the creek. The committee partners with the TCA to solicit input from the community, especially riparian landowners, on creek conditions. An article by Anne Larson is scheduled to be published in the Loudoun Times-Mirror. The committee meets on 2nd Mondays at the Lovettsville Library.

Other Announcements

A sign is posted at the Creekside Winery property announcing that the winery is coming this summer. The property owners have agreed to host the TCA Picnic and Barn Dance this year in the new Amish built barn, scheduled for June 30, 4-8pm.

Bluegrass Festival, Saturday May 11 at the Loudoun County Fairgrounds, profits will go to scholarships (last year eight youth received scholorships). Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door, contact Tara Linhardt.

Results of Election of At-Large Board Members

Elected to a two-year term:
Bruce Johnson
Tara Linhardt
David Nelson

Elected to a one-year term:
Joan Linhardt
Ruth Cheronis

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

David Weintraub

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