Minutes: May 16, 2013

Taylorstown Community Association Board Meeting, May 16, 2013

Present: Anne Larson, Joan Linhardt, Tara Linhardt, Ruth Cheronis, Lauranne Oliveau, Bruce Johnson, David Weintraub, Dave Nelson (Elizabeth Callahan, Lloyd Reese observing).

Lauranne called the meeting to order at 6:45 pm.

As this was the first meeting of the 2013-14 Board of Directors, attendees each provided a brief introduction.

Lauranne Oliveau and her husband are the developers of Catoctin Creek Village; they have owned the property since 1999 and lived here full time since 2005. She is excited about reaching out and including more/new residents.

Lloyd Reese has lived on Tankerville Rd since 1999.

Bruce Johnson has lived on Furnace Mountain Rd since 2010. He wants to foster a sense of community for both old and new residents.

David Weintraub has lived on Furnace Mountain Rd since 1998. He doesn’t remember what else he said because he didn’t write it down.

Dave Nelson has lived in the mill on Taylorstown Rd for 17 years. He is motivated by the Catoctin Scenic River Committee and maintaining the aspects of Taylorstown that make it Taylorstown.

Anne Larson’s parents bought her property on Furnace Mountain Rd in 1948. Lived here since 1967, raised her family here. She wants to make our history known to newcomers.

Joan Linhardt has lived on Pinnacle Lane since 1974. She is excited about the capacity of the Barn Dance to bring together people who don’t already know each other, emphasizes the importance of making sure new residents know they are invited.

Ruth Cheronis has lived on Taylorstown Rd since the late ‘60s. She loves the freedom we enjoy here.

Elizabeth Callahan has lived here since 1979. She is excited that the TCA has kept going, and that Taylorstown has maintained a sense of community.

Liz Weber was not present, but sent a treasurer’s report. The absence of the 2012 Barn Dance as a source of revenue was questioned; Lauranne advised that the Barn Dance is not a revenue-generating event, but the TCA’s largest expense of the year. At best there are a few donations and new memberships, which were offset in 2012 by the cost of damage to the host property. The main benefit of the event has been visibility for TCA.

The minutes from the March 6 Annual Meeting were accepted.

Old business

Schedule of meetings for 2013

In addition to the March 6 Annual meeting and the May 16 pre-barn dance planning meeting, the quarterly meeting schedule will be September 5, 7:00pm and November 7, 7:00pm (in advance of the holiday craft fair). All will be held at the Catoctin Creek Village Common House.

Membership drive

The Barn Dance is an opportunity to reach out to new neighbors. Suggestions for leveraging outreach include advertising in other community newsletters (Lucketts; Eco-Village); individual outreach to neighbors using the 2013 membership forms. This flyer will be updated with the Creekside Winery location (13068 Taylorstown Rd.) for distribution. The motion approved was to use local signage for advertising, and not to advertise in Leesburg papers. Joan volunteered to coordinate the membership drive/promotion of Barn Dance; volunteers to hand-deliver flyers to mailboxes within the 3.5 mile radius from the store.

History event

Deferred to September meeting.

New business

Making Board meeting minutes available to the community

In the interest of greater transparency, two proposals were considered: Sending minutes to the entire mailing list, or posting minutes to the taylorstowncommunity.org website. The determining issues were a) do we want to restrict access to TCA members, or make our minutes public; and b) consideration of unwanted email traffic.

The sense of the board was that while the minutes should be accessible to everyone in the community, it’s inadvisable to make the organization’s financials public because of fraud and identity theft. Two motions carried:

1. Once the minutes are approved they will be posted to the website (minus financial data) and a link sent to listserv members; TCA members in good standing may request financial reports.

2. In order to facilitate posting of the minutes in a timely manner, minutes may be approved via email instead of at the next business meeting.

Additionally, Dave Nelson suggested that the board form a committee to identify needed revisions to the bylaws that require the use of snailmail for notification purposes, and any other rules that may be technologically outdated.

Barn Dance

Lauranne reports a request from host Tedd Durden that participants sign a hold-harmless agreement. We will comply with this. Lauranne and Tara will draft language and work with Tedd.

Tara will request that Tami Carlow act as a liaison to Tedd/Creekside Winery for the event.

Lauranne and Patrick have the signs from last year (with corrected time?) David W. and Patrick to post them the Monday before the event.

Event roles and volunteer needs:
2-3 to staff welcome/sign-in table, with membership forms, name tags, hold-harmless agreement. They will inform guests how to identify board members; request donations; request volunteer help for clean-up.
All board members should be present by 3:00pm, and will wear designated name tags for visual identification in case of questions or issues. David Weintraub to be the contact for crisis management.
Someone to give welcome and overview at beginning; thank host; announce after-party.
Someone at end to thank guests for coming; thank host; announce after-party; request clean-up volunteers.
Lauranne is to meet with Tedd and Tami and/or Shirley for a walk through the day before.

Questions for Tedd:
Does he want to assign his own parking attendants or should we provide a volunteer; does he want to sell wine; will he contribute wine; can we bring our own wine/beer; does he have a drinking water supply or will we need the Whitmer’s cooler?

Food and supplies:
TCA does not need to provide any food, the potluck is more than sufficient. TCA will provide paper and plasticware, and possibly drinking water.

Taylorstown directory

Elizabeth Callahan (with Alice Bagwell) will head tbis project. They or someone they designate will be at Barn Dance welcome table to explain that the TCA is creating a Taylorstown directory, ask attendees if they want to be included, and explain options: Participants can choose to opt in to each piece of information – phone number, address, and or email.

Security/neighborhood watch

The sign with the composite sketch of the home invasion robbery suspect posted at the frame shop repeatedly disappeared – Anne reports that it was blown down by wind, it was not stolen or taken down maliciously.

John Lewis

In light of his death, it was suggested that there should be a memorial honoring him. Per Anne, Phil Ehrenkrantz has suggested the Pratt Truss Bridge (on Featherbed Ln.) to be named after him, as John was mainly responsible for getting the bridge on the historic registry. This will be reviewed by local historic groups, with cost or even possibility to be determined.

Lacking is a State Scenic River sign by Catoctin Creek Bridge on Lovettsville Rd. It will cost $750 plus $1000 more for maintenance to VDOT. Phil felt that we should try to raise the funds and then use what is left of the Catoctin Valley Defense Alliance money in our TCA treasury. Per Dave Nelson this is important because more visibility that Catoctin is a scenic waterway will discourage dumping and educate people that this is a treasure that we need to protect. Dave also suggests that he could place a sign on his private property for much lower cost. Motion to support the concept, but without specifying a dollar amount, carries. Anne will develop Scenic River literature to distribute at the Barn Dance, make an announcement, and solicit donations for the project.

Fall farm tour

From past experience, official participation is a great deal of work with not much return. It works better for us to have an unofficial presence, yard sales, individual farm product vendors, plant exchange, etc. to take advantage of increased traffic going to sites on the tour. Tara suggests a notice to the community of the opportunity to put out a sign and sell products. Dave suggests TCA could put some funding into signage and advertising, details deferred to a later discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,

David Weintraub

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